Knights' Work!

Council 3793 joins other Knights to pray for Life.  Our Culture of Life Campaign and prayer protests at Planned Parenthood have been so successful that the Devil's children have begun to persecute those who pray for the lives of the unborn.  Our celebrants and the Blue Bus require security to be kept safe from harm.  Please contribute when you can and support this worthy cause.

The Wild Game Supper

Wild Game Supper Event Cancelled---

But NOT the Raffle!

The next Wild Game Supper is already being planned for the 4th Friday in January 2022 and will be our 50th. We want to have a big event next year.

Grand Raffle

The Grand Raffle was held at 8:00 pm on January 22 and was completed in just over 30 minutes with 15 attendees on the Zoom call.  Big thanks to our stage crew to run it so quickly and within the time allowed in a free Zoom meeting.  Thanks to Zoom also for allowing the meeting.  Sorry about the initially scheduled meeting because for some reason they were deleted and had to be recreated for the event.

Click here for the Winners List!


Grand Raffle Drawing on January 22, 2021!

The Council will begin having Drive-Thru only FISH FRIES beginning the first week of Lent, February 19, 2021.  We will be serving our delicious meal of fried catfish, hush puppies and fries, beans, cole slaw, and tartar sauce for takeout only.  Just drive through the Columbus Clug parking lot as directed and tell us how many plates you want.  Our customers are our best advertisements, and they come from all over.  We have had people plan a visit from Colorado to Wallis during Lent just to eat our fish.


 We would like to increase attendance at Council meetings.  If you are a member, please come!


Big News!

If you are not currently a Knight, it is easy to sign up, and the National membership dues have been waived for new Knights!  Simply go to the Supreme Knights of Columbus web site and sign up.  Use our Council # to immediately request membership.  If approved, you can even achieve 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees online in under 45 minutes!  The Supreme Council is coming up with new ways to continue growing our Brotherhood and do good works for the world!